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Boys are late readers.  You hear it everywhere.  They often lag behind girls and frequently take a single leap to becoming a obsessive readers about the time they become flutent readers…about the time they learn to read.  They don’t read “Dick and Jane”.  They wait until they are ready to read Louis L’Amore or Lord of the Rings.  Of course, all children walk their own path and ‘your mileage may vary’, but this is what we hear so often in homeschool chatter.

I’ve found the cure to delayed reading…Lego magazine.  Lego Jr to be exact.  The Hero is Lego obsessed.  His every waking moment is spent talking about, thinking about and playing with Legos.  2 months ago I ordered him Lego Jr magazine.  He’s been asking daily “how many days left”.  It’s been worse than Christmas. 

FINALLY, it came!  He happily looked through it and insisited that I read it.  After days with it, he figured out that the tattered magazine was Lego JR…and not just Lego Club.  I thought I could pull a fast one on him and order the Jr which seems to be less violent than the actual Lego Club magazine.  Nope. He figured it out. So he starts with a round of ” Please, please PLEEEZEEE order the Lego Club magazine”.  I’m not thrilled about it but say “maybe for your 7th birthday”.  Not quite what he had in mind.  Then, in a moment of brilliance, I tell him that if he could read the Lego Jr magazine, then I would be more interested in ordering Lego Club. All this happened during a drive to Boulder.  For the remaining 20 min to Boulder and the entire drive back home, the Hero sat in the back enthrawlled with reading his magazine aloud.   So much nicer than forcing the boy to read ‘the cat sat on the mat’. 

Thanks Legos.


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