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Ten years ago yesterday I was carrying a big bump of baby in my tummy.  The day before (10 years ago) I ended with scrambled eggs that didn’t taste good and contractions that were intense from the start.  9 hours later, out pushed my beautiful, baby girl to greet the morning.  Afterwards, while I napped, my sweet husband lifted his newest, truest love up to show her the mountains and the sunshiney morning.  While they shared a quiet moment together a rabbit hopped over to the window to drink from a puddle.  It was magic from the start.   It is the 10th anniversary of the day I became a mommy.   It is the 10th anniversary of the day he became a father.  It is the 10th anniversary of the day we became a family.

The fairy can now just hold up 2 hands when she tells you how old she is…not that she holds up hands to tell you how old she is anymore. 10 year olds don’t do that.  10 year olds do things like practice violin, make beaded bookmarks for their mommy for mother’s day and read to their baby brother (who is also not a baby anymore).  10 year olds are sweet, kind, responsible and more grown-up than infant.  When I look at my fairy  I can no longer see the baby she was but I can sure glimpse the woman she will be.

My Sweet Hubby’s gift to his daughter has always been time.  On her birthday, he always takes the day off of work.  This year, unfortunately, was an exception. Much to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, his current job isn’t allowing for time off.  Much to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, his current job requires him to travel out of state for days each week.  MUCH to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, he needed to be in Nebraska for the Fairy’s birthday.  A 4 hour drive away.  What’s a 4 hour drive when you’re talking about your truest love’s birthday?  Apparently nothing.  My Sweet Hubby started work at 5am so that he could finish up his day early and drive home to hug and smooch the birthday girl.

When he got home, he surprised her.  It was magic again.  10 years later.  2 hands later. No bunny. No sunshine. No mountains…just two people deeply in love, happy to spend a special moment together.  He later said (tired and discouraged) that because he was tired that his appearance was the best gift he could give her right now…and from the smile on her face, he was right!

This morning, bright and 3-freaking-o’clock-early, Kurt woke up,  tucked me in with a kiss, and drove the long drive back to Nebraska.  2 drives to be able to celebrate 2 hands.  What kind of a man does that?  My kind of a man!

So, today is just a normal day with a 10 year old…minus Daddy who is half way to Nebraska by now. No more birthdays.  Just life with a half-grown child.  2 hands old. Time for the quiet magic of life.   Gotta go.  She’s waking up and I need my 2 hands to hug my baby.


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On our first day of our anniversary, my Smoochie-Man gave to me, 1 very contented family. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Outback, Merlin and ice cream…Living the good life, baby. 

On the second day of my anniversary, I give to my Smoochie-Man, 2 freshly bathed dog. Don’t they look happy…and far less stinky.  Not quite as exciting as the theatre, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Well, that and the fresh scent of a house with two clean dogs when my Hubby walks in the door.

After 12 years of marriage and 16 years of sharing my life, my sweet husband has giving me many things.  From my first opal necklace, to my latest diamond necklace…From our first apartment to our current lovely home…from those lean baby years to our full and happy present.  I look forward to sharing the next 12 (and 16) years with you my Sweetheart.

12 years of sweet things that my Darling has done for me.

1. He leaves a sweatshirt on my seat in the car when packing up from camping.  He knows me so well.

2. We’ve created two beautiful children and a wonderful family together.  He needed my help with that one.

3. 3 words…Chicken Cordon Bleu

4. He always takes care of things like tires and such to make me feel safe. I always know he’ll keep me safe.

5. He makes my son squeal like a girl by pulling his toes off. 

6.  He eats Noodles & CO because I can…even though he’s sick of it.

7. He takes me to see Harry Potter for my anniversary even though it’s his anniversary too. Smooch!

8.  He tolerates my wonky healthy stuff.

9.  Cuddling up with him on a Saturday morning is never dull…I originally meant because he calls the kids in and hides from them, but other thoughts do come to mind. ; )

10.  He steals crab from me to give to my daughter…and then tries to create crab from thin air to give to me to make up for his thievery.

11. He put up with me giving a homebirth to my sweet boy.

12. He promised me that life with him would be a circus…and it has been. : )

Here’s to sharing the rest of our lives together in this circus.  Wanna cram in that little clown car and make out?  I love you.

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At lunch today, the kids split a bit of lemonade.  The Fairy poured two glasses perfectly equal.  I then told the Hero to choose his cup.  For some bizarre reason I added a comment of ‘that way you can choose the one with more’.   Both kids looked at me like I was an alien.  “Is that WHY you have one of us pour and one of us choose?”  They were clearly offended. I tried to explain that this is such a basic parenting  tool that I just do it out of habit, and that, yes…it is so to teach children to share and so that one child doesn’t get to cut a bigger piece and chose it selfishly. Now, they really think I’ve lost my mind.

You see, the Fairy and the Hero both have such generous hearts that this idea never crossed their mind.  During a recent Costco trip, the Hero insisted that we gather an extra sample of everything  we he and I sampled for our sadly, absent Fairy.  He couldn’t fathom that she wouldn’t get some of what he gets.  The Fairy is always doing similar things.  They truly would never dream of cutting themselves the big piece of the pie.  Now I’m another story.  Excuse me while I wipe the pie crust crumbs from the keyboard.  Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone I snuck it! ; )

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Happy Un-iversary

What’s a little thievery among old friends and bloggers.  Happy Anniversary to Colleen and Gregory.  She had this lovely quote on her blog…and I decided to take this opportunity to wish my wonderful hubby a Happy Un-iversary

Unto us, all our days are love’s anniversaries, each one

In turn hath ripened something of our happiness.

Robert Bridges

I thought this was a lovely quote.  It is especially fitting in my world because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.  Less than perfect days are often just an annoyance. I feel that I’ve grown through much of this in these last years and am much better at seeing each day as a part of the journey.  Rough spots lead to sweet. 

It is also a good reminder that love isn’t built on big events and lavish gifts. A life of love is built on just that…a life of love. Daily love. Sweet moments. Giggles over dirty dishes. Flirting through the boring parts.  Cuddling during the quiet.  The more we flirt, the more we giggle, the more we cuddle the more we love.  The more we flirt and cuddle…well, I’ll keep that behind closed doors.

To my Sweetheart, thank you for sharing each day with me and growing our family and world in love.   I love you deeply!


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