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Ten years ago yesterday I was carrying a big bump of baby in my tummy.  The day before (10 years ago) I ended with scrambled eggs that didn’t taste good and contractions that were intense from the start.  9 hours later, out pushed my beautiful, baby girl to greet the morning.  Afterwards, while I napped, my sweet husband lifted his newest, truest love up to show her the mountains and the sunshiney morning.  While they shared a quiet moment together a rabbit hopped over to the window to drink from a puddle.  It was magic from the start.   It is the 10th anniversary of the day I became a mommy.   It is the 10th anniversary of the day he became a father.  It is the 10th anniversary of the day we became a family.

The fairy can now just hold up 2 hands when she tells you how old she is…not that she holds up hands to tell you how old she is anymore. 10 year olds don’t do that.  10 year olds do things like practice violin, make beaded bookmarks for their mommy for mother’s day and read to their baby brother (who is also not a baby anymore).  10 year olds are sweet, kind, responsible and more grown-up than infant.  When I look at my fairy  I can no longer see the baby she was but I can sure glimpse the woman she will be.

My Sweet Hubby’s gift to his daughter has always been time.  On her birthday, he always takes the day off of work.  This year, unfortunately, was an exception. Much to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, his current job isn’t allowing for time off.  Much to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, his current job requires him to travel out of state for days each week.  MUCH to My Sweet Hubby’s dismay, he needed to be in Nebraska for the Fairy’s birthday.  A 4 hour drive away.  What’s a 4 hour drive when you’re talking about your truest love’s birthday?  Apparently nothing.  My Sweet Hubby started work at 5am so that he could finish up his day early and drive home to hug and smooch the birthday girl.

When he got home, he surprised her.  It was magic again.  10 years later.  2 hands later. No bunny. No sunshine. No mountains…just two people deeply in love, happy to spend a special moment together.  He later said (tired and discouraged) that because he was tired that his appearance was the best gift he could give her right now…and from the smile on her face, he was right!

This morning, bright and 3-freaking-o’clock-early, Kurt woke up,  tucked me in with a kiss, and drove the long drive back to Nebraska.  2 drives to be able to celebrate 2 hands.  What kind of a man does that?  My kind of a man!

So, today is just a normal day with a 10 year old…minus Daddy who is half way to Nebraska by now. No more birthdays.  Just life with a half-grown child.  2 hands old. Time for the quiet magic of life.   Gotta go.  She’s waking up and I need my 2 hands to hug my baby.


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